Richardson Peabody & Me

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This eBook is a work in progress and will be constantly updated!

My Father and Grandfather have been dead for years now as my father passed away in 1973 and my Grandfather in 1988. My great grandfather died 1947 so I never met the man; as he was a great business man and philanthropist, I wished I had. Now I search the internet for bits and pieces that refer to his time and what he had accomplished. Not a lot of stories were told at the family dinner table about anybody as we were considered too young.

My mother’s side of things however is well documented as years before the internet my Uncle Gordon Peabody gave me forty pages of documented births and deaths of the family tree. A few cousins had realized that towns and churches were disappearing and if things weren’t documented it would be lost. However most of it now has ended up on as I assume they have borrowed it from us.

The real purpose of the book or accounting of my family and me is to provide family offspring with some record of accounting of the family. My Richardson tree will go on through my son and grandson however not so lucky on my mothers side with the Peabodies as the particular branch of the tree has come to an end after hundreds of years is quit sad really.

I have been working on this for years now and it has been a wonderful tip toe through the years assembling this work. Lots of quotes and history of the time and towns that they lived in as I try a create the period they lived in. This is not going to be a literary masterpiece by any means as it will be what I think and reflections of time. I will remain at war with my siblings so obviously they have been no help and have provided no injection to this book. I am doing the ebook first as I can constantly refine and update it as I mentioned it is a work in progress and won’t be finished until they day I die or about as complete as it would ever be. More pictures will be in the paperback version and I will have a PDF format on the net too.

One thing I have come to realize is that you really don’t know much about the family until you do something like this. Ever wonder why your parents or grandparents were crazy old fools there is usually a good reason. My Grandparents and parents were the best ever and my mother only recently passed away in March of 2016 at age 95. I provided her home care for the five years it took for her to pass which was the most difficult job I have ever had as she just about took me with her. Although with me it could have been no other way and as the siblings walked away from this hence the silent war. Love comes with great pain! It has taken me a couple of years now to get a grip on things as I recover my old self

So on we go as I will begin to make more of a story here out of all that has currently been assembled.