Rivesaltes – Gastro Obscura

Take a peek into wineries in the area near where the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyranées meet, and you’ll see something strange: row after row of large glass jars filled with wine left to sit in the sun. Haven’t we always heard that heat and light are bad for wine? What are these crazy French winemakers doing? They’re making Rivesaltes, a style of vin doux naturel (a French term for fortified wines) unique to the Roussillon area of France. It’s sweet (but not as candy-sweet as, say, Moscato d’Asti), with aromas and flavors of dried fruits, nuts, and something mysteriously resinous in there as well. It’s a style that most drinkers have to work their way up to.

Source: Rivesaltes – Gastro Obscura


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