Richardson and Peabody Ancestry.

Mr William Sutherland Richardson founder of the Crown Laundry on St. Catherine Street, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec in 1906. As a philanthropist also built the Julius Richardson Convalescent Home, Julius Richardson Elementary School and added an addition to the Chateauguay Protestant Church, all in Chateauguay. He also built the Julius Richardson Convalescent Home in Montreal in 1952 now called (Richardson Hospital) in Montreal.

My Peabody ancestry dates back to the Mayflower and beyond as it was my mother’s family and others that were founders in establishing Potton (Masonville) in the Eastern Townships, Quebec.



William Sutherland Richardson

William Sutherland Richardson Family Ancestry

William Sutherland Richardson:
Father to Ernest Robinson my grandfather: William was a railwayman in Montreal before starting the Crown Laundries in Westmount and around 1902 and updated in 1911 in Montreal and then Sherbrooke in 1920. He along with others in Montreal started unique businesses that all became very successful. Royal patrons the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia. Apparently, he was good friends with Henry Birk, Herbert Holt, Henry Morgan, and Charles Ogilvie as he enjoyed his 5.5-acre waterfront estate.

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Earle Boright Peabody

Earle Boright Peabody

Earle Boright Peabody younger brother of Harold Albert Peabody was my grandfather. He was born at Mansonville Quebec, September 25. 1893. and received his early education at Academy and Bugbee Business College, Stanstead, Quebec. He was then appointed immigration official by the Federal Government and was stationed at High Water, Quebec.
For thirteen years he successfully held that position; but at the end of that period, he resigned to accept a post with the Canada Life Assurance Company, with which he acted as a representative under brother Harold. He first came to this organization in June 1926, and continued with it, working at Sherbrooke, where he made his home. He was a member of St. John’s Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons and in the Masonic order holds the Thirty-second degree of Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. He, like his brother and the other members of the Peabody house in this and generations has participated most usefully in public affairs with the result that he, too, is recognised as a leader Sherbrooke life.

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Harold Sherman Peabody

Harold Sherman Peabody

Whatever Happened to Sherman Peabody?  Bishop’s, Nazis and a Strange Disappearance.

Sherman Peabody of Sherbrooke was on the Bishop’s University golf and hockey teams and a popular man on campus when World War II broke out.  Leaving the school without finishing his degree, he became an RCAF Flying Officer and the pilot of a Lancaster heavy bomber.

On July 28, 1944, while taking part in a raid on Stuttgart, his plane was shot down over eastern France by a German night fighter.  Two managed to parachute out, and three bodies were recovered at the crash site.  That leaves two unaccounted for…

In 2016 my family specifically Jon and Robert Peck commissioned the History Department under Dr Michael Childs at Bishop’s University to find out the truth about his fate and that of his fellow crew member Flying Officer James Harrington Doe.  Over the past academic year, three of our intrepid students have followed the trail of Sherman Peabody from the Old Library in McGreer, to National Archives in Ottawa, to the Public Record Office in London, to Cirey (pop. 48) in the Vosges Mountains of France.  Their story connects a Bishop’s University student to Bomber Command, the French Resistance, SAS, the Gestapo’s war crimes…   and the small French village of Petitmont where the wartime crash of an RCAF plane still reverberates today.

Last year at Bishop’s, Megan Whitworth and Sean Summerfield, two graduating History students, presented their findings on the mystery of Sherman Peabody’s disappearance through a slide show and talk.

Over 100 attended including Dr. Michael Childs and Principal Michael Goldbloom.

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